Google Ads For Carpet Cleaners

By a former carpet cleaner of 11 years, now a Google Ads Specialist 

Google Ads Freelancer For Carpet Cleaners

Looking for a Google Ads freelancer? Are your Google Ads Campaigns not bringing in the expected results? Or are you struggling to find out how it all works and need a helping hand to launch an effective Pay Per Click campaign? You’re in the right place.


Theres Loads Of Google Ads Freelancers Out There

Why Should I Use You?

I Still own 2 carpet cleaning businesses in 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 and 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿, and both use my Google Ads to fill their diaries EVERY MONTH!! This means I know exactly what language to use, what the users search for to find you, and more importantly, what makes your phone ring!

I first ensure that I fully understand your carpet cleaning business, your competition, and your geographic location, and then use the data from this and the existing carpet cleaner accounts that I'm running to carry out full keyword research to identify short and long tail keywords that have a high purchase or conversion intent and then create targeted ads to reach those searchers. My #1 goal is to makes your phone ring, not just get clicks through to your website

I aim to get clients who want multiple room jobs, and not just looking for the cheapest carpet cleaner in the area. If that is you, Google Ads may not be the right fit for your business

In addition to my knowledge and expertise since 2012 as a carpet cleaner, and 5 years as a google ads expert, i also utilise third party software for granular level optimisations, call tracking, and even dedicated landing page software so you don't even need a website to benefit from the power of Google Ads
  • Search Network Campaign Setup including dynamic locations & keywords
  • New keyword research combined with years of historic data i have already collected for carpet cleaners
  • Adwords and Analytics Linking
  • Target precise audiences (Over 55 females who want a whole house carpet clean
  • Exclude users looking for 'splash & dash service'
  • 3 carpet cleaning Ads per Ad Group (For A/B Split Testing)
  • Bring my 11 years of carpet cleaning experience to the account
  • Work from my office at home to keep your monthly management cost low
  • Highly effective Ads with unique selling points to beat your competition
  • Dedicated landing page with your company logo, colours & branding
  • Negative keyword research and selection
  • Excellent Ad Copywriting to boost CTR
  • Precise call & form tracking
  • 3rd party software to optimise & tweak your account on a granular level
  • Include Brand campaign
  • include end of tenancy carpet cleaning ad group for more targeted results
  • Include upholstery campaign for a double pronged approach
  • And much, much more from a Google Ads (AdWords) freelancer


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